Wusol Digital Academy - Logo

Wusol- Digital Academy college specializes in digital marketing. It was founded to make professional training in digital professions and knowledge accessible in Arabic practically orientated and constantly updated with technical and professional developments, while maintaining cultural and social sensitivity to the Arab society.

Wusol- Digital Academy provides training courses offered by lecturers with vast experience in the following fields of expertise:

  1. Digital marketing: marketing via social media- Facebook and other platforms, marketing via content, marketing in search engines, marketing via e-mail newsletters.
  2. Digital commerce: sales and commerce through internet platforms courses, especially: Shopify, eBay & Amazon.
  3. Website building and design: WordPress, application development, website and applications design.

The college includes two main departments:

Career dept. for vocational training in the different digital fields. This department provides trainings for the young men and women interested in becoming professional in the digital various fields in practical and applied methods, aimed to prepare them for qualifying for certification provided by international corporations and relevant ministries, as well as accompanying them through placement and integration in the labor market.

Business dept. for training SME business owners and workers in marketing and sales departments in companies and corporations, aimed to provide them with practical tools in marketing and commerce via digital platforms, methods of building and managing online commerce and improving the professional visibility in the internet.

Trainings are provided by Wusol – Digital Academy in its main headquarters in Haifa, as well as in other training and educational centers in the Triangle area and in Jerusalem and the Negev and in West Bank.